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Caimans Video Codec is the leading technology for high quality video integration in Nintendo DS Games.
Based on the successful Caimans Video Codec for Gameboy advance, this version takes advantage of the improved features of the new nintendo handheld and delivers even more quality.

  • Full mpeg4 compliance
    Starting with version 2.0, Caimans Codec Pro, tough coming in its own format, implements all the most important mpeg4 features, making it the most advanced video codec available for any handeld device
  • Accurate stream control
    With its simple API the Caimans Codec Pro 2.0 allows the programmer to implement interfaces with fine control on the video stream.
  • Variable bitrate
    Caimans Video Codec works at bitrates ranging from 0 to 40 Kbytes per second, giving more bitrate only to most complex scenes without wasting it for easy static scenes, while keeping the desired average bitrated
  • High Compression Ratio
    Less then 10Kbytes/sec are enough for Caimans Codec Pro to deliver good audio/video quality, allowing for  full movies to fit into a 512mbit NDS cart. While 20-25 kbytes/sec are enough to obtain quality indistinguishable from the original uncompressed footage.
  • 16 bit sound
    Unlike other audio compression solutions, Caimans codec works with 16 bit audio for the highest quality possible on the Nintendo DS 
  • 24 bit colors
    Even if Nintendo DS only supports 32768 colors, the Caimans video codec internally works in 24bit mode (16M colors). This addictional color information is used to perform a dithering at playtime, simulating the presence of more than 32768 colors. Especially when working with computer generated images this feature greatly enhances the visual perception of the video 
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